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Case Studies

Hitachi JP1 Case Study

Sony Technology Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Operation Issues

Sony Technology Malaysia required an application that can help execute and monitor batch jobs and to re-schedule jobs necessarily when a particular job fail to complete in the preceding stage. Presently, administrators in Sony Technology perform tedious troubleshooting support without adequate information and appropriate tool. It takes up a lot of times before the problem is being identified and resolves. They are also currently creating jobs for different user groups using different type of user interfaces. This require IT staff to acquire knowledge of different software. Thus, they are looking for an application that will execute and monitor jobs across multiple platforms using a centralized management system.


JP1/Automatic Job Management System 2 and JP1/Application Manager for Oracle Applications
From a variety of potential tools, Sony Technology Malaysia selected Hitachi's JP1 Job Management as its single point-of-control for multi-platform job scheduling. JP1 provides comprehensive job scheduling capabilities - including event-driven scheduling, centralized real-time monitoring and proactive error recovery.

JP1/Automatic Job Management System 2 (JP1/AJS2) is an automatic job scheduling and management tool that brings scheduling functionality to production systems across heterogeneous platforms.

JP1/Application Management (AM) for Oracle Applications is an add-on product to JP1/AJS2. The purpose of this integration is to simplify the execution and monitoring of Oracle concurrent requests from JP1 with more flexibility. It provides seamless integration between JP1 and Oracle Applications, without any changes to Oracle Applications. Also, users enjoy the benefits of a centralized scheduling system - easy-of-use single GUI console, cross platform and cross applications linkage, file monitoring, event triggers, job status monitoring and automatic error-recovery.

The Benefits

  • Jobs Automation
    Right now, central to the management of jobs in this heterogeneous environment is JP1. JP1 gives CUSTOMER the opportunity to automatically submit, monitor, and manage all these jobs using predefined scheduling criteria. This enables the effective execution of hundreds of batch jobs per week with complex preconditions across the network.

  • Reduce manual processing and associated errors
    With the JP1's capability, batch jobs in the Oracle Application server no longer needs to be trigger manually. They can be scheduled to run even after office hours or in the weekend.

  • Enhanced Scheduler
    With a comprehensive scheduler, CUSTOMER can define reporting jobs to run such as at the last working day or first working day of the month or at particular events occurrence.

  • User friendly and effective GUI
    In addition, JP1 provides an intuitive way to check job status, using color symbol to indicate actual status. When an error occurs during a sequence of batch-processing tasks, it is normally a time-consuming process to identify the source of the error. In contrast, the display generated by JP1 quickly tells you where the problem is located.

  • Improved operations
    JP1 is contributing to labor savings and stability in the operation of a global system. The system JP1 provides flexibility to changes and CUSTOMER already has achieved rapid development and the round-the-clock, non-stop operation of a system that supports the company's global management needs for speed and prioritization.