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Message from General Manager

Welcome to Hitachi Asia R&D Center

Yutaka Kudo, Ph.D.

Asia is a very dynamic and diverse region which offers tremendous opportunities for pursuing innovation. Hitachi's  customers today seek innovative and differentiating solutions to issues they face in daily business alongside those they must address as stakeholders in an increasingly global society. To deliver such solutions, Hitachi Group is bringing its cutting-edge technology together with its experience in a diverse range of domains and proven track record in various fields.

To provide the optimal solution, Hitachi Asia R&D Center leverages the strength of the Hitachi Group, engaging with customers to identify critical issues and through close collaboration, co-create the right solution for the customer.  The current focus is in the areas of Smart city, Smart Public services, and Smart Manufacturing and Logistics. Experience and knowledge fostered over the years is combined with advanced IT technology, products and services to deliver the optimal solution.  We look forward to undertaking the next challenging and innovative research experience in co-creation with you in near future.

Hiroki Kitagawa
General Manager
Hitachi Asia Ltd. - R&D Center