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Hitachi Asia Research & Development Center

Working Together With Our Customers to Create Innovative Solutions

Yutaka Kudo, Ph.D., General Manager
Hiroki Kitagawa
General Manager

Asia is a very dynamic and diverse region which offers tremendous opportunities for pursuing innovation. Hitachi's  customers today seek innovative and differentiating solutions to issues they face in daily business alongside those they must address as stakeholders in an increasingly global society.

Research & Development

Co-Creating Solutions with Customer

Hitachi Asia R&D Center, as a part of Hitachi, Ltd. Global Center for Social Innovation, is dedicated to creating cutting edge technologies and innovative solutions that answer society’s challenges.

About Hitachi Asia R&D

About Hitachi Asia R&D

Hitachi Asia R&D Center was established in 2004 to promote regional R&D and to contribute the society.



Hitachi emphasizes achievement through developing the potential and enhancing the capability of our employees.