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JP1 Monitoring

Enhance System Performance. Reduce Downtime.

It is always a great challenge for system administrator to manage system performance. Often, enterprises face difficulties in diagnosing system failures, identify the root cause and respond to the failures.

JP1 Monitoring Solution provides a centralized view of the entire system, including infrastructure, network, job systems and service performance. It allows organizations to detect and analyze system failures, maintain and improve service performance to ensure system stability. JP1 Monitoring Solution has the capability to efficiently monitor operations, accelerate fault response and reduce downtime.

1. Integrated Management (JP1/IM)

JP1/Integrated Management (JP1/IM) monitors the entire system from single location to facilitate efficient monitoring and ensure stable system operation. JP1/IM has the capabilities to:

  • Monitor systems running on various platforms (such as Windows, Linux, and UNIX), as well as statuses of network devices, servers and applications
  • Monitor system on-premises and in the cloud
  • Monitor events tailored to the importance of the server
  • Collect event logs and information from a single location
  • Visually grasp the scope of impact and failure locations
  • Notify system administrator of any failures to ensure rapid response

2. Performance Management

JP1/Performance Management (JP1/PFM) improves the system operation through provision of monitoring operating statuses of servers and applications on an ongoing basis.

  • Efficient operation monitoring through unified interface
  • Monitoring tailored to the importance of server
  • Predictive detection and capacity planning based on real data
  • Support on-premises and cloud environment

3. Network Management

JP1/Network Node Manager i (JP1/NNMi) uses industry-standard Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to manage and monitor the entire network, such as network devices and server components, in a multi-vendor environment. It links with JP1/SNMP System Observer (JP1/SSO) to monitor the network configuration and perform instant monitoring of system resources and application processes.

(I) Network Node Manager i (JP1/NNMi)

  • Centralized network monitoring
  • Visual management of complex network configuration with high-level technologies
  • Automatically create updated topology map for new nodes detected
  • Rapid fault response

(II) System Resource and Process Management - SNMP System Observer (JP1/SSO)

  • Single-point monitoring of system resources and processes distributed across the network
  • Visual management of system resources
  • Detailed management of processes and services
  • Unified network monitoring and system resource monitoring management
Download JP1 V11.5 Overview Brochure
To find out more on JP1 Monitoring Solution, please see Monitoring section of Overview Brochure (Version 11.5)

Download JP1 V11.5 Overview Brochure
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To find out more on the functions related to network management, please see the
Network Management Leaflet.

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