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Intelligent Governance

Optimize IT Assets and Security Management

IT Desktop Management

Managing IT inventory, configuration, security, patching and software licenses can be time-consuming, labor-intensive and error-prone. The emergence of new technology in a diverse and complicated business environment has forced the IT professional to face ever-increasing list of threats and challenges concerning IT asset management workload and security.

JP1/IT Desktop management 2 (JP1/ITDM2), a web-based solution, that helps your organization to manage IT asset information and mitigate security risks such as unauthorized access, viruses and information leaks. It also aids organization to take speedy measures to enhance internal controls by enforcing company-wide IT compliance with its IT policies such as governing software licenses.

Key features of JP1/ITDM2:

  • Management of IT assets in compliance with security measures
  • Detect risks of information leaks while suppressing prohibited operations
  • Monitor suspicious operations to trigger notification
  • Operation logs monitoring that provide traceability of suspicious events and operations
  • Monitor and ensure anti-viruses are updated, and at-risk PCs and devices are contained
  • IT assets, software, and licenses managed in relation to their contract information
  • Distribute and install software automatically and efficiently
  • Aggregate IT asset information into various reports formate
  • Up-to-date asset information gathering to help to optimize inventory
  • Ability to perform operations on remote PCs from administrator's desk
  • Support Windows, Linux and Macintosh O/S platform

JP1/ITDM2 Home Screen Interface

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