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Intelligent Automation

Manage and automate IT system operations, safeguarding and ensuring stable business operations

1. Workload Automation / Job Scheduling

With the emergence of complex technology environment, workload automation has evolved and becoming an integral part of organization's core business operations to streamline and enhance IT operational processes. Manually running of backend processes or developing and maintaining of in-house scripting has becoming very time consuming for the IT professional.

JP1/Automatic Job Management System 3 (JP1/AJS3), a workload automation / job scheduling tool, has the capability to centrally manage and automate system operations over multiple platforms and applications that aids to improve the operational productivity and agility. It simplifies jobs/tasks to lighten IT operation workloads and complex manual operations efficiently and effectively.

JP1 Solutions

2. Secured Data Transfer

Transfer of huge data requires a substantial amount of time, affecting productivity and quality of work. Designed to alleviate these concerns, JP1 Data Highway (JP1/DH) leverages on multiplex communications technology and multiple HTTPS sessions to enable highly-secured data transmission at large capacities that reduces turnaround time and improves work efficiency to your businesses! Data transfers are performed via existing internet, private lines or VPN connections, without having the need to install additional new devices such as hardware, software and dedicated lines.

Challenges of Data Transfer:

  • CAD files, video and image files, various type of data or other documents too large to attach in emails?
  • Transfer of files taking too long to reach your clients or stakeholders on time, impacting your business efficiency?
  • Data transfer keeps failing due to an unstable connection?
  • Data transmission too costly?
  • Concern over potential data security leakage?
  • Intensive manual data transmission that has taken IT administrators too much time and resources?

JP1 Solutions

3. HULFT - Middleware

HULFT is the middleware that performs various functions based on the TCP/IP protocol, including file transfer, between platforms connected to each other via a network.

  • Smooth, easy and secure exchange of data
  • Supports a variety of data transfer formats, code and file systems
  • Visit HULFT website for more information