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Systems Management Solutions

Hitachi Job Management Partner 1 (JP1) offers an industry-leading suite of Integrated System Management Solutions, one of the proven brands in IT Operations Management software in Japan particularly integrated IT management, IT workload automation, IT desktop management and IT infrastructure monitoring.

Systems Management Solutions

Hitachi JP1 helps businesses to streamline their IT processes and enhance operational effectiveness across multiple platforms and diverse systems. In the latest Version 12, the award-winning integrated operations management software enables enterprises to fully utilize their operational data to support their digital transformation efforts.

Systems Management Solutions

  • Intelligence
    Intelligence allows enterprise to integrate management of their entire IT operations by gathering related data from various systems and centrally managing them according to operational policies and requirements. Efficient operation monitoring and stable system operation are achieved with centralized monitoring of entire system.

  • Intelligent Automation
    With Intelligent Automation, enterprise can automate complex operations and administrate system that helps to prevent human errors and provides the basis of highly reliable and efficient operations.

  • Intelligent Governance
    Intelligent Governance aids enterprise to manage asset information and take speedy measures to enhance internal controls based on security policies and laws. The solution also protects important IT assets by mitigating security risks such as unauthorized access, viruses, and information leaks.

  • Intelligent Monitoring
    Intelligent Monitoring enables enterprise to monitor the entire system, including infrastructure, network, job systems and services. It detects and analyzes system failures, maintain and improve service performance to ensure system stability, accelerate fault response and reduce downtime.