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Hitachi ICT Solutions

Systems Management Solutions

Hitachi Job Management Partner 1 (JP1) offers an industry-leading suite of Integrated System Management Solutions, one of the proven brands in IT operations management (ITOM) software in Japan particularly IT workload automation, IT desktop management and IT infrastructure monitoring.

Systems Management Solutions

Hitachi JP1 provides solutions that help businesses to streamline their IT processes and enhance operational effectiveness across multiple platforms and diverse systems. It is designed to achieve greater visibility, increase productivity, reduce IT operational costs and enhance system security.

The evolution of technology has transformed how business works today. It is crucial for enterprises to have an IT systems and operations that can adapt quickly to rapid changes in the business environment. Features enhancement is available in its latest JP1 Version 11.5, the high-performance integrated systems management suite that seeks to help enterprises to meet the demands of today's operations managements, such as the need for automation, visualization, agile operations, optimized investments and flexible scalability.

JP1 Solutions

Hitachi JP1 meets diverse operational needs by supporting businesses from three directions, click on the following solutions to find out more:

  • JP1 - Automation Solution
    The manual way of managing IT operations no longer meets day-to-day business requirements due to increasing complex schedules across multiple platforms with minimal turnaround time. With JP1 Automation Solution, enterprise can automate complex operations and administrate system that helps to prevent human errors and provides the basis of highly reliable and efficient operations.

  • JP1 - IT Compliance Solution
    The IT asset management workload has increased tremendously with the emergence of new technology devices in a diverse and complicated business environment. JP1 IT Compliance Solution aids enterprise to manage asset information and take speedy measures to enhance internal controls based on security policies and laws. The solution also protects important IT assets by mitigating security risks such as unauthorized access, viruses, and information leaks.

  • JP1 - Monitoring Solution
    JP1 Monitoring Solution enables enterprise to monitor the entire system, including infrastructure, network, job systems and services. It detects and analyzes system failures, maintain and improve service performance to ensure system stability, allowing enterprise to efficiently monitor operations, accelerate fault response and reduce downtime.

Download JP1 V11.5 Overview Brochure
For an overview of Job Management Partner 1 Solutions, please see
Overview Brochure (Version 11.5)

Download JP1 V11.5 Overview Brochure