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Automate entire operations running in large-scale, complex systems to achieve greater efficiency and stable operations.


As today's business world heads towards digital transformation, many organizations are seeking to automate and streamline their processes as to improve and making work effectively or reduce cost of operation.

More organizations wanted to improve the process and reduce the cost of operation and there can be a lack of centrality and integration when managing the different systems and platforms used for workload automation. Business continuity is limited as each job cannot be well-monitored and executed efficiently. The lack of integration results in more human intervention, leading to more human errors. Most importantly, there is a higher operational risk because of the lack of work accountability and efficiency when managing these automated processes.

So how can an organization ensure that these concerns are addressed when looking towards workload automation? JP1 enables organizations to do just that.

Many have turned to workload automation, which is about automating business processes through the scheduling, triggering, and execution of tasks without the constant need for human intervention. This is the future trend that will help organizations to automate jobs, save cost in terms of the number of executional jobs, and tremendously help to reduce errors.

Automate Business Operations

JP1's intuitive display allows organizations to define and schedule workflows (series of tasks) based on specific timings and triggers.

Adhering to preset rules, JP1 automatically executes these jobs accordingly. JP1 also ensures that workflows can be manually triggered if the need arises. Each job execution can be monitored from a display that shows the overall status, and unusual behavior can be identified easily for quick rectification.

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Manage Jobs Across Multiple Platforms and Applications

Workload Automation controls the execution of operations spanning multiple cloud services and on-premises environments, allowing you to automate entire operations running in large-scale, complex systems to achieve greater efficiency and stable operations.

With many platforms and applications (including FTP, ERP, email, and other cloud services) utilized across the business, JP1 allows for jobs to be managed centrally across these platforms without the need for manual monitoring of automated jobs.

Business processes tend to be across multiple platforms, and the ability to preset workflows across different platforms centrally makes it convenient for business administrators to manage each job.

One automated workflow example is an order management system. With JP1, organizations can automate data extraction from order reception management systems across independent sales offices, have the data consolidated in a central sales management system through FTP, and have the order sent to a factory through email. Each job in the workflow can be scheduled, triggered, automated, and monitored easily with JP1.

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Enhance feature to support cloud services

JP1 has strengthened its core values which makes it easy to execute the newly developed jobs utilizing cloud services like AWS/Azure and existing jobs that run on the on-premises system as the linked series of business processes.

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JP1 Model

JP1 is compelling for organizations to send files securely and swiftly. It is also essential to understand the significance of JP1's support model, where the 10-year warranty ensures constant customer support for peace of mind. Future updated versions of JP1 will also remain compatible with older versions. Should the organization need to upgrade to newer versions in the future, this can be done progressively, which is useful for resource and budget planning.


Support various systems with different versions and upgrade them in different phases with ease


A minimum of 10 years support


Local consultant with Professional support team from Japan


Product language settings in options: English, Chinese and Japanese


Reduced CO2 Emissions Through Automation Using IT

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