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A web-based solution, that helps your organization to manage IT asset information and mitigate security risks such as unauthorized access, viruses and information leaks.


As organizations are constantly evolving to adapt to ever-changing business environments, their IT assets too are growing and expanded accordingly. With so many IT asset, we need to have a process to keep track of organization’s assets that can be accounted for, deployed, maintained, upgraded, and disposed of when the time comes.

A team is as strong as its weakest link, and organizations need always to be vigilant in ensuring the optimization and security of their IT assets. Only through good governance of IT assets and security will organizations be able to mitigate business risks and safeguard their business.

IT assets and security management demands attention. JP1 can equip organizations to manage and secure their IT assets through its centralized web-based solution.

Achieve Operations Efficiency

JP1 gives organizations the ability to view managed IT devices, software, and contract information in a centralized dashboard for operational efficiency.

Aggregated information of each IT asset can be found in the JP1 console. IT asset information is especially important in operations in the areas of resource monitoring, resource allocation, and resource management.

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Issue Flagging and Investigation

Administrators can quickly identify flagged issues (color-coded statuses) and potential operational risks (including unnecessary software installation, software violations, and security violations) for swift response. The dashboard view allows organizations to spot and investigate issues that undermine their security and operations, helping them resolve issues quickly.

Software and contract information can also be monitored and managed through JP1. Systems and software that need to be updated and installed in managed IT assets can be pushed from JP1 without the need for manual installation.

Contracts and licenses related to these IT assets are also reflected in JP1. This aids in the easy management and renewal of these contracts and licenses, ensuring that the organization is always up to date.

All statuses of operational activities are logged in JP1 and can be further analyzed for future management of activities.

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Resolve IT Asset Issues Remotely

JP1 enables administrators to remotely access PCs and servers, eradicating the need to go physically to the systems. This saves time and improves issue resolution as administrators provide timely on-the-ground support.

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JP1 Model

JP1 is compelling for organizations to manage your IT assets and security. It is also essential to understand the significance of JP1's support model, where the 10-year warranty ensures constant customer support for peace of mind. Future updated versions of JP1 will also remain compatible with older versions. Should the organization need to upgrade to newer versions in the future, this can be done progressively, which is useful for resource and budget planning.


Support various systems with different versions and upgrade them in different phases with ease


A minimum of 10 years support


Local consultant with Professional support team from Japan


Product language settings in options: English, Chinese and Japanese


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