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A supply chain collaboration that speeds up your supply chain management (SCM) which streamline purchasing and procurement process.


To stay competitive in a global economy, organizations need to work with like-minded business partners across the entire supply chain. Dealing with a vast network of business partners can bring about its challenges. Each has its system, process, and way of doing things, impacting internal operations and leading to bottlenecks and longer lead times.

Hitachi's TWX-21 Web-EDI Global Service is a suite of cloud services that lets organizations improve collaboration with business partners. It lets stakeholders across the entire supply chain stay updated on information related to commercial distribution, supply, and demand to enable optimal management of the supply chain.

Quotation Management

Web-EDI Global Service’s quotation function helps organizations manage their purchasing processes through its support for supplier selection and request for quotation for products. Information related to product drawings and specifications, competitive quotes, validation, and evaluation of suppliers can be shared among the different stakeholders involved in the process.

With quotation management process visualization, the service helps organizations achieve operational efficiency and standardize in-house settlement rules for supplier selection.

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Delivery and Shipping Management

Delivery of products is a critical deliverable in the entire supply change management. Yet, it is often difficult to coordinate and manage deliveries. Web-EDI Global Service provides organizations with web-based capabilities for efficient delivery management in date adjustments, negotiation, and approval.

Its delivery adjustment function enables support for delivery confirmation based on the schedule provided by suppliers. The ability to visualize and manage the delivery process in stages between supplier and organization enhances the efficiency of its supply chain and prevents delivery delays.

In addition, the progress list function helps organizations visualize the entire order to shipping entry process. Through its web-based interface, organizations can manage progress status from purchase order delivery date to actual delivery. It can improve delivery date management by sharing alerts between the procurement team and suppliers. Alerts can be easily visualized on the management interface for active monitoring and analysis.

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Process Management

Apart from quotation, delivery, and shipping management, managing the different stages in the supply chain is essential. The ToDo List function lets organizations stay abreast of the various process statuses pending between buyer and supplier. Pending items that have yet to be addressed can be managed and viewed easily from the ToDo List function, ensuring that different stakeholders stay on top of matters for supply chain collaboration.

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TWX-21 Model

With this, you can check KPI achievements and the progress of production at the factory or of a production line and verify whether they are operating normally.



Digitally transforms the supply chain to maximize corporate value with business partner



Connecting business by data



Predicting the future from data


TWX-21 Centre

Operational know-how and experience related to supply chains used in a broad range of industries

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An organization’s supply chain management is essential for operational effectiveness and efficiency. Let our Web-EDI Global Service help you improve supply chain collaboration.