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Lumada Manufacturing Insights

Accelerate Kaizen

by improving shop floor visualization

Increase productivity in your manufacturing processes with digital technologies

What we can do for you?

Lumada Manufacturing Insights (MfI) employs digital technologies to collect data on things and people on the shop floor as well as improving the visualization of production processes. With MfI, you can easily identify the current situation and problems throughout the entire factory and accelerate kaizen activities to improve productivity and product quality.


Monitor factory KPIs
in real time

MfI improves the visualization of factory KPIs such as production volume and lead times. With MfI, you can make business decisions based on up-to-date information and provide instructions on time.


Identify bottlenecks and
their root causes

The drill-down analysis enables the identification of root causes. You can take appropriate initial actions promptly, thereby preventing a problem from remaining over an extended period.


Remotely check production,
machine, and worker status

You can check the progress of each process and the operating status of the shop floor remotely. When facing an urgent issue, MfI helps by sharing exact problem-related information with skilled workers or group leaders for advice and the best solution.

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You can download a brochure that covers the features of Lumada Manufacturing Insights.