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Operations Analytics

JP1/Operations Analytics improves and optimizes tasks related to IT infrastructure management and operation. This process has become more complex following the use of virtual environments and cloud technology.


Visualize the business system’s operating status and configuration information


Detect failures and determine the impact of hybrid cloud environment in one place


Easy-to-understand format to investigate and analyze the failure causes


Quickly carry out the initial response


Reduce recovery time significantly


Easily create reports

Key Features

Improved visualization of the system’s operating status and configuration information
You can monitor the IT infrastructure operating status, as well as the events that occur on the servers and in the databases used by each business system on the dashboard. This allows you to easily understand the configuration and relationships between the resources. You also can easily create reports for the system’s operating status.

JP1/Operations Analytics displays information such as the impact of the failure on business systems and the causal relationships among problems that occurred in applications and resources. Presented in an easy-to-understand format, this information helps you identify the failure cause. Recovery methods suggestions and their possible side effects are also displayed, allowing you to decide the most appropriate way to resolve the failure.​

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