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IT Desktop Management 2

JP1/IT Desktop Management 2 is a web-based solution that enables you to manage your IT assets and security centrally. It aids the organization to take speedy measures to enhance internal control by enforcing company-wide IT compliance with the IT policies such as governing software licenses. JP1/ITDM2 efficiently supports IT asset management operations to promote corporate compliance through a centralized collection of information.


IT Asset Management


Software Management


Security Management

Key Features For Asset Management

  • Automated collection of up-to-date asset information
  • At-a-glance view of any changes from the previous day
  • Management of computers and laptop devices that are not always connected to the network
  • Management of contract information (by linking contracted devices and licenses). Administrators are notified before contracts expire
  • Notification when unauthorized software is installed
  • Checking if the number of installations is less than or equal to the number of owned licenses

  • JP1 automatically identifies the software installed on managed PCs and then consolidates this information to show you the number of licenses owned, licenses in use, and available licenses. This data helps to ensure the software programs used do not exceed the number of purchased licenses. JP1 also identifies the PCs on which an unallocated license program has been installed.

    JP1 allows the management of contract information (such as contract type, start and end dates, status, etc.) in association with the managed IT assets. Actual contract documents can be scanned and then saved as an attachment to the contract information.

    JP1 also collects information about the types of devices used in your company, including PCs and servers. You can keep data about your IT assets up-to-date simply by registering new devices and maintaining information about the persons managing them. This information can be output to a list that can be used for checking the actual devices, making the inventory process more efficient.

    When a problem occurs on a PC on the site, you can solve the problem remotely from the convenience of your desk. Remote connectivity allows you to send and receive required data to and from PCs.

    You can use JP1 to postpone the application of Windows 10 feature updates or to disable automatic updates. This prevents your OSs from being updated automatically, thereby reducing the network load when an update is distributed and allows you to control the timing of updates. As a result, you can apply OS updates in a planned manner with a minimum impact on business operations, even in a large-scale environment.

    Key Features For Security Management

  • Monitors operations to take electronic files outside
  • Prohibits operations that take electronic files outside
  • Checks the status of anti-virus products and whether virus definition files are up-to-date
  • Checks whether the latest Windows updates are installed and that the OS is correctly configured
  • Disconnects unauthorized devices from the network
  • Displays notification on the home screen when unknown software installed

  • Operations that allow someone to obtain internal company information, potentially disclosing such information to parties outside the company, pose a risk of information leakage. Examples of such operations include uploading data to an external website, sending email, and copying data to a USB memory device. JP1 identifies these types of operations as "suspicious operations" and notifies administrators, who then trace the operations by examining the operations logs.

    With JP1, you can permit the use of only USB memory devices owned by the company, prohibiting the use of all other USB memory devices. In other words, if someone inserts an unauthorized USB memory device, use of the device will be disabled. This feature limits the ability of USB memory devices to act as a pathway for information to leak outside the company. JP1 also allows you to check a list of the files stored on each USB memory device that you are managing.

    You can use JP1 to prevent unauthorized PCs from connecting to the network, ensuring that privately owned PCs cannot access the company network even by accident. You can also automate the process for verifying that all appropriate security measures have been implemented on a particular managed PC before that PC is allowed access to the network.​

    JP1 can automatically enable the Windows quality update function to install the latest Windows quality updates. By selecting the Windows quality updates to be distributed and installed, you can exclude specific Windows quality updates from being installed.

    Automatically distribute and install Windows quality updates*

    Windows quality updates can be distributed and installed on PCs that you managed. This process runs automatically as long as the management server is connected to the Internet.

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