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Safe information use realized by
Data Leakage Prevention Solution

Confidential information can be wrongfully taken outside of the company and leaked during information sharing by related parties. JP1/HIBUN was developed with various information leakage risks in mind and offers robust security that safeguards information from the perspective of regulation and encryption. Since JP1/HIBUN allows security measures initiated by administrators which are not reliant on user judgment, JP1/HIBUN not only avoids information removal for unauthorized use but also reduces the risk of accidental information leakage that can occur during the sending and receiving of data or other types of work.

“Regulates” and “Encrypts” to prevent information leakage

To avoid the leakage of information from the company, JP1/HIBUN controls the use of smartphones, USB memory, and other devices as well as network connections. Data in PCs, recording media, and file servers can be encrypted ensuring the contents of the information cannot be read even if there is a leak.

Realizes safe data use inside and outside of the company

Inside the company, in addition to encrypting the internal hard disk drives of PCs, JP1/HIBUN forcibly and automatically encrypts removable media, external hard disks, and shared folders of the file servers. Users do not need to think about encryption or decoding. When data is moved out of the company via removable media or email attachments, data are encrypted in which a password is needed to view it. If data is lost, stolen, or sent to an incorrect address, third parties cannot view the contents of the information without the password.


Regulate by device control

Regulates confidential information that must remain in the company

Controls device use includes smartphones and USBs to prevent confidential information from being leaked outside of the company.

  • Device control
  • Network control
  • Log acquisition/management
  • bottlenecks


    Contents are encrypted even if the information is leaked

    Encrypts data stored in PCs, recording media, and file servers so the contents cannot be revealed to third parties

  • USB drive/media encryption
  • File server encryption
  • File protection
  • Regulates confidential information that must remain in the company

    JP1/HIBUN can restrict data exchange using various devices (peripheral devices of PC) such as smartphones*1, removable media including USB memories, wired LAN, wireless LAN, Infrared light (IrDA), and Bluetooth. By restricting devices that can be used, information leakage due to unauthorized data copying can be prevented.

    In addition, since JP1/HIBUN features a setting that allows the use of specifically prohibited models of devices, JP1/HIBUN can be used flexibly according to the use environment of customers. Furthermore, copying data to external media*2, printing, and network use*3 can be permitted/prohibited for each department and user.

    • *1 Smartphones are recognized as various devices that are distinguished by the operating system, manufacturer, and connection method, etc. JP1/HIBUN prevents data copying to smartphones by prohibiting the use of all these devices.​
    • *2 Removable media, external hard drives, CD/DVDs​
    • *3 Network drives and shared folders on networks​

    When connecting to the Internet from outside of the company, JP1/HIBUN uses Internet breakout to only allow direct access to authorized cloud services. Other communications are forcibly directed through an internal VPN server, which realizes both comfortable cloud service use and safe network use. In addition, JP1/HIBUN restricts connection destinations by limiting the connections to access points that have been authorized by administrators and not allowing access to networks that are not internal networks. Since unauthorized access points are not displayed on PCs, Internet connections using the tethering function of smartphones and mobile routers can be blocked.​

    If data is copied to a notebook PC and taken out of the company, as soon as the connection with an authorized network is cut off, the PC’s screen locks and the PC is disabled, thereby preventing unauthorized data removal.​ ​

    In addition to the PC device connection logs and the user data removal logs that record copying to a removable media, operation logs such as the copying and movement of files as well as network connection and communication logs can be acquired. Thus, unauthorized operation and communication with the outside (of the company) can be detected and notifications sent out. Moreover, informing the employees of the log management is also effective for deterring wrongdoing.

    Contents are encrypted even if information is leaked

    JP1/HIBUN encrypts the internal hard disk drives of the company PCs to prevent information leakage due to theft or accidental loss of the PC. Users do not need to think about encryption and decoding because data saved in a PC is encrypted forcibly and automatically. Since JP1/HIBUN encrypts removable media, external hard drives, CDs/DVDs, and shared folders on file servers, the data can be efficiently and safely interchanged internally.​

    Since JP1/HIBUN blocks suspicious programs from accessing confidential data and the management domains of disks, critical data within a company can be protected from malware such as ransomware.

    When data is taken outside the company by writing to removable media, email attachments, and cloud service use, the data can be encrypted* in a decryptable format that requires a password to view. Even if data is lost, stolen, or sent to an incorrect destination, third parties are prevented from decrypting data without the password. ​

    * Confidential File Viewer is required for viewing encrypted data.​
    * Confidential File Viewer can be downloaded from our website.

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