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Data Highway

JP1/Data Highway (JP1/DH) is a data transfer solution for exchanging data among distant sites both inside and outside of Japan. With JP1/DH, you can perform high-speed, high-quality, and secure transfers of large amounts of data over the Internet.

large amounts

Transfer large amounts of data


High-quality data transfer

Highly secure

Highly secure data transfer

low cost

Transfer file at a low cost


Automation of file transfers


High-speed data transfer

Key Features

Transferring data using multiple HTTPS sessions enables high-quality data transfer even when communicating with remote overseas locations.

Automate and transfer a large amount of data within a large-scale system.

JP1/Data Highway enables highly reliable data transfer even in a limited bandwidth communication environment where packet loss occurs often.

The data can be resent via another normal HTTP session if a failure occurs during the previous session. Hence, reducing communication interruptions and the risk of data transfer failure.

Security: Client and stakeholder ease of mind over secured data handling

JP1/DH enables you to automate file transfer. You can select the best method for your needs.

  • Automated operations by using JP1/DH command.
  • Automated operations in linkage with the job management product (JP1/AJS3)

  • JP1/DH enables the transfer of large amounts of data. It is useful for various industries, including manufacturing, publishing, retail, finance, and broadcasting. JP1/DH is also beneficial in public institutions and research facilities.​

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