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Automatic Job Management System 3

JP1/Automatic Job Management System 3 (JP1/AJS3) has the flexibility to automatically run your business operations linked with various other systems, such as cloud services and web systems, as well as the scalability required to handle busy periods. With these features in place, you will be ready to adapt to changes in your business structure.


You can set up business operations to be automatically executed at night or on weekends as needed.


With JP1, you can automate even complex business operations.


You can set various types of detailed schedules such as business days, non-business days, and last business days of the month, etc.


You can intuitively check the overall status of your work to see whether jobs are proceeding smoothly.


Automatic Job Management System 3 (JP1/AJS3)

JP1/Automatic Job Management system 3 (JP1/AJS3), a workload automation / job scheduling tool, designed to help companies to manage and automate IT system operations, safeguarding and ensuring stable business operations. It simplifies jobs/tasks to lighten IT operation workloads and complex manual operations efficiently and effectively.

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