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Efficient Operation Monitoring. Stable System Operation.

Integrated Management 2

With JP1/Integrated Management 2 - As the manager, you can manage the events occurring in your systems, along with various types of data and their relationships. This allows you to utilize the data efficiently and provide users with the information they need.


Monitor systems running on various platforms (such as Windows, Linux, and UNIX), as well as statuses of network devices, servers, and applications


Monitor system on-premises and in the cloud


Monitor events tailored to the importance of the server


Collect event logs and information from a single location


Visually grasp the scope of impact and failure locations


Notify system administrator of any failures to ensure rapid response

Key Features

JP1/Integrated Management 2 helps you collect all the information needed for decision-making, such as the system configuration data, alert information, the status of business operations, the operating status of applications, and KPIs information and costs. Based on expert knowledge, you can then define and graphically display relationships in the collected data.

  • JP1/Integrated Management 2 obtains information about the components that make up a system. Then aggregate and display, on a single screen, the statuses of the components and any events that cause them to change.
  • The colored icons allow you to easily identify the status of each component, making it easier to understand the health of the entire system at a glance.

  • JP1/Integrated Management 2 can detect changes in the operating statuses of environments and thereby help to prevent failures. You can check the usage of resources of the relevant infrastructure components to identify issues such as insufficient disk space, increased CPU usage rates, degraded network performance, and increased memory usage.
  • This allows you to isolate potential causes of failures before it occurs, and take preventive measures, such as changing the operations to be executed or modifying its environment.

  • When a failure occurs, you can get suggestions on the best way to handle it. By selecting and executing these suggestions, operators responsible for system maintenance can ensure that failures are handled promptly and thoroughly.​

    You can link JP1/Integrated Management 2 with other JP1 products to collect various types of data related to system operations. This data can be associated with events that occur in the system and managed in an integrated manner. With operational suggestions collected from JP1 products as well as the accumulated operational rules and knowledge, you have thorough failure-handling operations that do not depend on specific operators.

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