Hitachi has launched its 2021 Mid-Term Management Plan; an action plan to become a global leader in Social Innovation Business. To realize this vision, Hitachi is committed to deliver innovations to customers and society through the integration of Operational Technology(OT), IT and Products/Services.

The core ideas which defines Hitachi’s 2021 Management Plan:

  • Create three value propositions: improving customer's social values, environmental values and economic values.
  • Focus our efforts in five fields: Mobility, Smart Life, Industry, Energy, and IT.
  • Using "Lumada", Hitachi's IoT platform, to accelerate Social Innovation Business through digitalisation

Through the key message of the global campaign - “Hitachi Social Innovation is POWERING GOOD”, we hope to reinforce our focus in collaborating with our partners to make what is "Good" for the world that it needs, a reality. This Global Brand Campaign will widely communicate the Hitachi Group’s interest to deliver new values to the society and raise the value of the Hitachi brand.

By refining technologies and developing new ones to meet tomorrow’s challenges, Hitachi provides total solutions for sustainable living, creating value that will last for generations. Hitachi is committed to accelerate Social Innovation for a better future.

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