Since its founding, the Hitachi Group has carefully passed down Hitachi’s Mission and Values to generations of employees, principles that allow us to deliver the best to our customers and the world.


Coming together as one to support building infrastructures, while working to inspire the world. This is our world view, in the form of music and visuals to express the Vision.

Now, guided by our Mission and Values, we have created a new Vision to express the Hitachi Group’s goal of being a Social Innovation Business — a Vision that spurs us to rise to the challenge of tackling important social issues on a global scale. Our Vision is to provide total solutions for sustainable living, creating value that will last generations. We strive to drive innovation and “Inspire the Next” by refining technologies and developing new ones to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

To realize Hitachi’s Vision, we believe in identifying issues from customers’ perspectives and working on solutions together with customers as “One Hitachi”.

This reflects our aspirations for the future, for our customers and business partners around the world as we continue to provide answers to serious global challenges.

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