The engine of our various businesses including social innovation is not only driven by Hitachi's efforts to build a relationship with communities as a corporate citizen but also by our employees' flexible mindset and motivation brought about by volunteer activities. We believe that these initiatives enable us to contribute to the development of sustainability in both our business and society as a whole.


Since June 2016, PT. Hitachi Asia Indonesia has rolled out various efforts to contribute back to its community, including the provision of healthcare consultations, free medical examinations and treatment for beneficiaries across various touch points in Indonesia.

Together with the Rumah Zakat / Filantra Foundation, this initiative dubbed "Healthy Alert" has enabled PT. Hitachi Asia Indonesia and Hitachi Group Companies in Indonesia to reach out to over 4.000 beneficiaries from 34 locations across Indonesia through four successive annual campaigns.

This supports the country’s broader push towards improving access to basic health and medical care for people in need across Indonesia. “Men Sana Incorpore Sano” (In a healthy body there is a strong soul)

Comment from Participant :
"The community is very enthusiastic, especially for those who are sick.
Thank you Hitachi, for holding free a healthy alert.”


The Hitachi Universal Design Educational Program was initiated to generate awareness and creative thinking among youth on the importance of user-friendly and eco-friendly product design.

Since its launch in 2011, employees of Hitachi Asia (Malaysia) have volunteered to visit primary and secondary schools across Malaysia. Employees spent about half a day in the school delivering lectures and facilitating interactive workshops to students.

Though this program, Hitachi aims to continue raising awareness among youth on the importance of Universal Design.