Hitachi’s innovative ICT solutions have enabled our customers to discover new competitive advantages, realize significant improvement in their decision- making process and attain better business efficiency resulting in improved productivity, time-to-market and tremendous savings in business and ICT operational costs.

  • business and ict solutions integration
    Business & ICT Solutions Integration

    Consulting, Business Applications, ICT Infrastructure & Systems Integration

    Leveraging Hitachi’s top-notch industry consulting experience, we formulate compelling business strategies and ICT solutions such as ERP, CRM, Business Analytics/Intelligence, ICT infrastructure (DC, storage, server, network, security) etc. which seamlessly integrate with your processes to enhance your business advantage, operations and productivity.

  • storage

    Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform

    Designed for all data types, Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform is the most intelligent and powerful enterprise storage system in the IT industry. Our products are widely used across various sectors including financial institutions and government organisations where high performance and reliability are required.

  • integrated systems management
    Integrated Systems Management

    Job Management Partner 1 (JP1)

    Hitachi Job Management Partner 1 (JP1) is an industry-leading suite of integrated system management solutions that simplifies business processes and enhances operational effectiveness. Even across diverse systems and multiple platforms, JP1’s solutions can seamlessly integrate processes so that you can manage your business as one synchronized entity. With this come not only greater visibility, but also increased productivity, reduced total cost of ownership and more stringent system security.

  • credit management and trade system solutions
    Credit Management and Trade System Solutions

    Credit Management and Trade Finance Solutions

    Our Digital Credit Management System (DCMS) helps you manage credit and operational risk in credit processing while our Digital Collection and Recovery System (DCRS) allows you to manage delinquent borrowers more effectively. TradeSpring, our comprehensive suite of trade processing applications, ensures the safe and secure handling of your trade-related activities and information, and gives you a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.

Hitachi’s cutting-edge ICT solutions encompass a myriad of products, technologies and professional services. As your trusted partner and advisor, our industry-savvy and certified consultants will collaborate with you to design and implement the best-of-breed business applications, ICT infrastructure (DC, storage, server, network & security), system management and office automation solutions etc. to enhance your business.

With our unparalleled expertise in Big Data, Business Analytics/Intelligence, Mobility and Cloud etc., Hitachi will provide you with real-time information analysis, enabling you to work faster and smarter. We will leverage our proven methodologies to integrate your processes, technologies and people, and optimize your ROI for ICT.

Hitachi’s global best practice is an advantage which we will share with you to keep you updated on the latest industry developments and to be ahead of your competition.