Hitachi applies nanotechnology and other leading-edge technologies to develop original high functional materials and components for use in various industries.

  • Structural Parts and Sintered Bearing


    "NIKKALOY" is our registered trade mark of powder metallurgical products which provides cost effectiveness and design flexibility. Various grades of material are available to meet different mechanical property requirements. Our professional and experienced engineers will work closely with you to find out your specific needs and requirements. We are able to conduct material analysis, develop and recommend the design aspect for the application that will best suit your needs.

  • Automotive Materials

    HITALOCK Carbon Sliding Materials

    Hitachi specially developed HITALOCK, a hard-wearing material which has high self-lubricating qualities, and excellent thermal and chemical resistances, making it ideal for carbon sliding materials such as bearings and packings.

  • Magnets and Soft Magnetic Materials

    Amorphous Metals Metglas®

    Hitachi is a leading producer of amorphous metal ribbons and components, a strong and flexible material that possesses unique magnetic properties. Besides supplying this refined alloy to companies across the word, Hitachi uses it to manufacture lightweight and energy efficient transformers.

  • Circuit / Wiring Board

    Printed Wiring Board

    Hitachi supports customers in the high-end server, networking, storage and telecommunication industry with its wide range of products — high layer multi-layer boards, High Density Interconnection (HDI) modules and backplanes.

  • Functional Films

    Optical Clear Adhesive Film

    Used in the touchscreens of smartphones and tablet personal computers, Hitachi’s optical clear adhesive film is resilient and boasts high transparency, ensuring high quality image display without distortions due to deformation pressure or reflection inside the device.

  • Magnets and Soft Magnetic Materials

    NEOMAX® Nd-Fe-B Sintered Magnets

    A pioneer in the field of magnet technology, Hitachi created the versatile NEOMAX magnet, which has limitless potential applications. It is currently used to manufacture high performance motors in air conditioners, hybrid vehicles and hard disk drives (HDDs).

High functional materials play an important role in enhancing the performance of modern products and systems. Hitachi applies nanotechnology and other leading-edge technologies to devise new materials that dramatically improve product performance.

One example is the Amorphous Metals Metglas ®, whose property of low energy loss results in small, lightweight and highly efficient amorphous transformers. Hitachi also pioneered the development and manufacture of the revolutionary NEOMAX® Series Nd-Fe-B Sintered Magnets, used to power machines both big and small.

Essentials in today’s connected society, wires and cables form the lifelines of social infrastructure, such as power systems, industrial systems and data and telecommunication networks. Hitachi supplies electric wires and cables for the construction of various forms of social infrastructure. Among Hitachi’s innovations are high-speed railway rolling stock cables, magnet wires for hybrid electric vehicles and magnet wires for wind power generators. With an eye for a sustainable future, Hitachi tirelessly pushes for the development of more advanced materials and components to benefit all industries.