Hitachi works towards building a better future, delivering efficient construction machinery equipped with technologies that reduce environmental impact.

  • Excavators

    ZX200-5G Excavator

    New generation ZAXIS-5G series Excavators packed with numerous innovative technologies and mechanism enhanced durability, reduced operating costs, safety-first and environmentally friendly design.

    Features the key benefits of high quality, low fuel consumption, and providing reliable solutions, swift front movements and easy operation which contributes to improving total productivity, realizing customers’ vision and dreams.

  • Dump Trucks

    EH5000AC-3 Rigid Dump Truck

    Hitachi’s rigid dump trucks are productive off-road vehicles that complement our hydraulic excavators perfectly.

    The EH5000AC-3 is a highly reliable model for mining applications, with advanced Hitachi AC Drive system technology that offers better performance at lower maintenance and operating costs.

  • Wheel Loaders

    ZW220 Wheel Loader

    New generation ZW-series Wheel Loaders packed with numerous innovative technologies and mechanism, enhanced durability, reduced operating costs, safety-first and environmentally friendly design.

    Total control of engine and pump torque is the industry’s first, giving you optimized productivity and amazing mobility with three work mode and three driving modes which help enhance operating ease and yield high production.

  • Attachments and Applications

    ZX330LC-5G Material Handling Machine

    Hitachi designs and offers a wide variety of application machines and exclusive attachments with strengthened boom cylinder front, upper structure and undercarriage for increased durability, stability and productivity for the various jobs applications i.e., civil engineering , demolition /crushing, material recycle/ scrap, forestry and log yards.

As cities across the world continue to grow, infrastructure development becomes much faster, in turn driving up demand for construction machinery. There is also a need to achieve progress through sustainable means to reduce the burden on the environment.

Hitachi has a long history in providing reliable construction machinery for creating a more comfortable and advanced society, with an array of excavators, wheel loaders, dump trucks, compaction equipment and cranes. To cope with the increasing demand for natural resources in recent years, Hitachi has responded to this challenge from different angles: better energy efficiency, quieter operation, and cleaner exhaust emissions are some of Hitachi’s considerations when improving our equipment.

Hitachi’s commitment to develop technologies that reduce the load on the environment has resulted in revolutionary products such as electric-hydraulic excavators that have zero exhaust emissions and fuel-efficient hybrid excavators. As such, Hitachi balances economic progress with eco-friendly solutions, supplying highly reliable machinery that uses fewer resources and emits less greenhouse gases.