Hitachi applies its electronic expertise and innovative spirit to creating automotive systems and components for the safer and smoother running of vehicles.

Hitachi works on conserving the environment, by developing electric motors and inverters with low carbon dioxide emissions. Hitachi is also looking into DIG systems for smaller, more fuel-efficient engines.

Hitachi looks into your personal safety. In addition to control systems for brakes, suspension, and other sub-systems as well as car navigation systems, Hitachi also supplies high quality automotive parts such as carbon sliding materials and catalyst carriers to ensure automobiles operate at their best. To maintain the condition of automobiles, Hitachi provides support solutions such as testing equipment to determine if a bus or truck is at its peak performance.

Not just a manufacturer of automotive systems, Hitachi focuses on building a better relationship between vehicles and society, and intends to go further in bringing you the best for a comfortable and safer ride.