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Hitachi Launches Version 9.5 of JP1 Integrated System Management Suite

15 June 2012

We are pleased to announce that version 9.5 of our award-winning Hitachi Job Management Partner 1 (Hitachi JP1) suite of integrated system management solutions will be available in South-east Asia effective end of June 2012. Companies globally have been using Hitachi JP1 to effectively and flexibly manage IT assets in their ever increasingly complex IT environments to meet changing business needs.

The new version of the comprehensive system management solution empowers users with an integrated management of the entire IT system to effectively monitor usage; achieve compliance with up-to-date, automatic installation and patching of required software; and automatically run jobs according to business requirements.

Enterprises facing mounting challenges in providing and managing secured system management will find version 9.5 an effective integrated assets management solution that maximises return on investment while preventing security risks. They need to strike a balance to allow secured access to improve productivity, and at the same time, prevent unauthorised access and information leaks. Effective desktop management is now more critical than before to protect and safeguard an organisation’s intellectual property and data. The Hitachi JP1 version 9.5 focuses on desktop management to help customers effectively manage their IT systems comprising a diverse range of devices and software.

Organisations can now securely embrace and incorporate the latest technologies into their managed IT environment comprising a wide, varied range of both physical and virtual assets without having to compromise on security. Customers operating in a large-scale, cloud environment can expect to enjoy cost savings by consolidating individual machines into an efficient, comprehensive system to manage multi-tenants. They can enhance scalability by incorporating a relay server to effectively and efficiently distribute load on network where it makes the least impact for each tenant.

The recent growing number of data leaks and increasing usage of personal PCs and devices at workplace have increased security concerns and compliance issues. Hitachi JP1 maintains the health and integrity of the company by allowing only authorised devices in the network with the approved level of access. When alerted of possible issues, the administrators can easily find the details required in the intuitive system view to access remote clients to provide rapid response to problems at remote sites. The intelligent rules-based system collects and analyse data to improve system performance, optimise IT resources and lower the costs of IT assets management.

Companies can minimise business disruptions with the reports generated from the automatic collection of data. IT administrators can use the collected data to prevent recurring incidents, and proactively set rules to define the actions required to resolve the repeat incidents before they impact the system. Effective integrated assets management maximises return on the investment while preventing security risks.

Hitachi JP1 version 9.5 is available from Hitachi Asia Ltd., and authorised value-added resellers from end of June 2012. We thank our large community of users for their continued support.

For more information, please contact:

Amelia Low (Ms.)
Hitachi Asia Ltd.
+65-6231 2214

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