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Hitachi Job Management Partner 1 (JP1) is an industry-leading suite of integrated system management solutions. JP1 simplifies business processes and enhances operational effectiveness across diverse systems and multiple platforms. This means greater visibility, increased productivity, reduced total cost of ownership and more stringent system security. It helps you manage today's business issues so that you can keep your sights firmly on tomorrow.

The latest JP1 Version 10 takes yet another step forward - it is the perfect solution designed to keep up with your business and help you leapfrog the competition.

Our Products

The product lines of Hitachi JP1 meet diverse operational needs by supporting businesses from three directions, click on the following solutions to find out more:

JP1 Solutions

JP1 - Automation Solution
Speed & Accuracy: Accelerating Business Turnaround

JP1 - IT Compliance Solution
Resilience & Responsiveness: Improves IT Compliance & Security

JP1 - Monitoring Solution
Ease & Efficiency: Intelligent One-Touch Point Monitoring

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