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Systems Management Solutions

The IT environment can be likened to a company's nervous system, underpinning nearly every major business process. As IT systems evolve from a supporting platform to a driver of business performance, the effective and intelligent monitoring of these systems becomes critical to success.

Delivering Value of JP1 Monitoring:

  • View your IT systems as a whole
  • Keep track of service statuses
  • Catch failures before they happen
  • Achieve stable system operations
  • Collectively monitor all logs and events that occur in the system

Supporting Your Business Needs

JP1 Monitoring covers the entire system from infrastructure to network, job systems and services. It provides a range of functions to maintain and improve service performance and to ensure stable system operations.

1. Integrated Management (JP1/IM)

  • Monitor environments both on-premises and in the cloud
  • Notify system administrator of any failures to ensure rapid response
  • Efficient, central monitoring of system events
  • Visual grasp of failure locations and scope of impact
  • Monitoring tailored to the importance of server

2. Service Support (JP1/SS)

  • Manage various incidents logged in accordance with ITIL Service Support processes for incident, problem, change and release management
  • Central control over the incidents that are already in the incident records
  • Easy reference of incident history information, thus improve resolution times

3. Performance Management (JP1/PFM)

Server Operation Management

  • Efficient operation monitoring through unified interface
  • Predictive detection and capacity planning based on real data
  • Monitoring tailored to the importance of server

4. IT Network Management

(I) Network Node Manager i (JP1/NNMi)

  • Visual management of complex network configuration with high-level technologies
  • Centralized network monitoring
  • Rapid fault response

(II) System Resource and Process Management - SNMP System Observer (JP1/SSO)

  • Single-point monitoring of system resources and processes distributed across the network
  • Visual management of system resources
  • Detailed management of processes and services
  • Unified network monitoring and system resource monitoring management

  • Download Network Management Leaflet

Download JP1 V11 Overview Brochure
To find out more on JP1 Compliance Solution, please see page 13-20 of
Overview Brochure (Version 11)

Download JP1 V11 Overview Brochure
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To find out more on the functions related to network management, please see the
Network Management Leaflet.

Download Network Management Leaflet