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Hitachi in Singapore

Systems Management Solutions

Sprawling enterprise systems can be a challenge to manage, especially with a diversified spectrum of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. The foundation for instilling and maintaining IT compliance starts from an integrated mobile devices management, enforcing compliance policies and enhancing systems security throughout the organization.

Delivering Value of JP1 IT Compliance:

  • Manage and protect IT assets including mobile devices
  • Ensure full IT compliance
  • Respond to security risks swiftly
  • Lower operational costs

Supporting Your Business Needs

JP1 IT Compliance provides an integrated management for a wide array of IT assets. Your business can embrace new technologies like virtual desktops, smartphones and tablet computers into a managed environment. An intuitive user interface with detailed management options also help to lower management costs and ensure full IT compliance. Protection against security risks is necessary to safeguard your valuable IT assets.

1. IT Desktop Management 2 (JP1/ITDM2)

  • Central management of IT assets
  • Improves the level of systems security
  • Provides necessary functions in one touch point
  • User-friendly interface
  • Manage smartphones, media tablets, mobile devices and virtual desktops
  • Reduces the risk of information leakage with the ability to remotely activate data erase for lost smart devices

Download IT Desktop Management 2 (JP1/ITDM2) Leaflet

JP1/ITDM2 Home Screen Interface

JP1 Solutions

Download JP1 V11 Overview Brochure
To find out more on JP1 Compliance Solution, please see page 12 of
Overview Brochure (Version 11).

Download JP1 V11 Overview Brochure
Download JP1 IT Desktop Management Leaflet
To find out more on JP1 Compliance Solution, please see the JP1/ITDM2 Leaflet.

Download JP1/ITDM2 Leaflet