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Systems Management Solutions

The world of IT administration and operations is packed with time-consuming processes. Automation offers efficiency and reliability in process execution, and technological advancements. Those requiring human judgment can be built into automation flows with Hitachi's results-proven operational expertise. Automation is also a key to reducing your IT total cost of ownership.

Delivering Value of JP1 Automation:

  • Enable workload automation / job scheduling of complex schedules across multiple operations
  • Achieve highly reliable operations
  • Minimize human errors
  • Operator-friendly interface
  • Seamless job operation in a multi-platform environment

Supporting Your Business Needs

The JP1 Automation allows you to plan and schedule jobs and execute them automatically. With JP1 Automation, you can automate complex manual operations efficiently which saves time and effort.

1. Automatic Job Management System 3 (JP1/AJS3)

  • Centralized management of various applications in a heterogeneous environment
  • Support web-based application
  • Reduce parameters for easy setup and implementation
  • Flexible automation with various scheduling functions (time-based and event-based)
  • User-friendly interface with execution statuses at a glance
  • Simplifies job executions on virtual severs by using Auto scaling function
  • Create workflows and jobnets easily with visual tools
  • Visibility of job success or error notifications
  • Simple definitions for administrative operation

  • Key Benefits:

  • Streamline management of job tasks across multiple platforms and applications
  • Reduce errors and omissions, with assurance that jobs/tasks are executed as planned
  • Lighten workload of operations, as they can be executed remotely outside of working hours, without the need for operators
  • Lowering of operational risks and improving business continuity with prompt response to any failure
  • Improve work efficiency by removing manual execution, cutting down errors, raising productivity and gaining deeper operational insights with comprehensive report generation

Download Automatic Job Management System 3 (JP1/AJS3) Leaflet

JP1 Solutions

2. Data Highway (JP1/DH)

    JP1/DH provides the capability to transfer huge amount of data at a higher speed securely by utilizing its multiplex communication technology and secured HTTPS connection. This solution addresses the concern on IT operations that helps enterprises to reduce turnaround time and improve work efficiency at a lower cost.

    Key Benefits:

  • Less communication interruptions as loss packets will be automatically re-transfer
  • Safeguard transmission with HTTPS communication
  • Reduce business workload by automate data transfer
  • Cost efficiency with low-cost data transfer
  • Improves work efficiency with multiplex transmission

Download Data Highway (JP1/DH) Leaflet

3. HULFT - Middleware

HULFT is the middleware that performs various functions based on the TCP/IP protocol, including file transfer, between platforms connected to each other via a network.

  • Smooth, easy and secure exchange of data
  • Supports a variety of data transfer formats, code and file systems
  • Visit HULFT website for more information

Download JP1 V11 Overview Brochure
To find out more on JP1 Automation Solution, please see page 7-11 of
Overview Brochure (Version 11)

Download JP1 V11 Overview Brochure
Download JP1/AJS3 Leaflet
To find out more on the functions related to Automatic Job Management System 3, please see the JP1/AJS3 Leaflet.

Download JP1/AJS3 Leaflet
Download JP1/DH Leaflet
To find out more on the functions related to data highway, please see the Data Highway Leaflet.

Download JP1/DH Leaflet