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Hitachi in Singapore

Green Data Center

Hitachi Asia is committed to a better and greener environment and we also help our customers achieve this objective. Companies are encouraged by the Government to replace old, energy-consuming equipment with more energy efficient ones and to invest in energy-saving technology. Inefficient equipment not only incur high operating costs as they consume more energy but also have a negative impact on the environment as a result of higher emission of pollutants to the environment. We assist customers to carry out detailed studies on their energy consumption, also known as energy assessments, for their data centers, and identify potential areas for energy efficiency improvement.

We provide customers a myriad of flexible data centre services, including high availability business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, with a centrally managed, prompt and 24x7 troubleshooting service to help enterprises align the management and operation of ICT systems to enable their business strategy, business processes and lower the ICT Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Contact us today to have a resilient 24x7 data centre to support your business, improve security, achieve better energy efficiency and reduce operational cost.