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Hitachi in Singapore

Business Application Solutions
Know and understand your customer

Seeking new and retaining the best customers are key to maximizing your organization's effectiveness. How do you earn customer loyalty, win more deals, and reduce service costs? With Hitachi's CRM experience, we help you gain a competitive edge with differentiated customer experiences using SAP CRM. SAP CRM helps you engage with your customers anywhere, anytime and on any device. With complete customer information—from interaction history to social media sentiments—and intuitive tools, you can continually improve your marketing, sales and service processes and delight your customers. Benefits:

  • Quicker, action-ready customer insights with an ultra-fast analytical engine
  • Greater ability to identify and seize new opportunities ahead of the competition
  • Improved agility and speed with leading-edge cloud-based and mobile tools
  • Enhanced customer interactions, differentiated experiences, and increased loyalty

SAP's CRM suite includes several modules that support key functional areas including:

  • SAP CRM Sales
  • SAP CRM Marketing
  • SAP CRM Service
  • SAP CRM Analysis
  • SAP CRM Interaction Center
  • SAP CRM Web Channel (which includes E-Commerce, E-Marketing and E-Service)
  • SAP CRM Partner Channel Management
  • SAP CRM WebClient UI
  • SAP CRM Investigative Case Management (ICM)