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Hitachi in Singapore

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A mobile-enabled Cloud Power Monitoring, Asset Management, Fault Detection & Automated Alert Solution

Hitachi’s Power Monitoring, Alert & Analytics Solution is a comprehensive, cloud-hosted energy monitoring, asset management and analytics solution, which helps solar panel or photovoltaic (PV) vendors to monitor, analyze, manage and improve their PV businesses:

  • The system gathers data from solar devices installed in various countries globally.
  • Solar panel vendors can centrally manage and access all the devices & data, and perform analytics to more effectively and efficiently manage their operations, assets and financials.
  • The system will automatically detect faulty devices and alert vendors, who can proactively rectify the problems even without having end-consumers to log the issues.
  • Servers are hosted on cloud to cater for ease of future expansion.
  • End-customers can easily, holistically monitor live solar energy generated, consumed & exported/sold from a single platform; and perform simple data analysis anytime, anywhere.

Features and benefits:

  • Automatic export of smart meter data to server at scheduled intervals for storage and analysis.
  • Power consumption monitoring (historical, scheduled and real-time), and automated billing
  • Trend Analysis and Predictive Business Analytics for forecasting
  • Real-time access of monitoring data across different mobile devices and platforms
  • Asset management and automated fault detection of devices
  • Automated alerts, enhanced with data for accurate & speedy troubleshooting
  • Individual Personalization - end-user can customize the application to display data like weather update for selected cities, temperature (Celsius/Fahrenheit) etc.