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Hitachi in Singapore

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A mobile enabled inventory management solution for warehouse

Hitachi inventory management solution can be integrated with you backend ERP system. It is highly adaptable and works seamlessly with barcode devices, RFID devices, smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices. With this solution, you can effectively and efficiently manage and control your inventory activities across multiple warehouses, including inbound and outbound processing, inventory planning & tracking and physical stock take.


  • Mobile enabled warehouse management integrated with backend ERP
  • Stock receipt, stock release and stock transaction management
  • Warehouse transfer and serial number tracking of inventory
  • Batch management and lot tracking
  • Warehouse Bin Location
  • Pick and Pack
  • Stock take

Features with backend ERP system integration:

  • Warehouse and accounting integration
  • Item management and item query
  • Costing and unit of measure
  • Inventory revaluation
  • Customer and vendor catalogs
  • Price lists and special pricing

Key benefits:

  • Centralise inventory management and real-timeĀ  inventory tracking
  • Optimise management of inbound to outbound goods and optimal routing within warehouses
  • Improve workflow and complete control over warehouse operation
  • Optimise movement and storage of goods within a warehouse
  • Minimise paperwork and administrative work
  • Increase accuracy by minimising human errors
  • Efficient planning and execution of physical inventory stock counts