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e-Procurement Web Portal

A mobile enabled e-Commerce solution to simplify and automate procurement process

e-Procurement is the electronic B2B (or B2C or B2G) sales and purchase of goods and services. Many businesses turn to e-procurement systems to simplify, automate and control the purchase of goods and services from multiple suppliers. The Hitachi e-Procurement solution enables companies and their business units to communicate directly with suppliers, and effectively manage all interactions. 


For Suppliers

  • Receive notification by Email or SMS when new PO arrives
  • View PO information and submit delivery confirmation
  • Data submitted by the suppliers will be integrated into ERP
  • View actual quantity of received/returned items, and issue e-Invoice

For Buyers

  • Automatically publish outstanding PO information from ERP to the e-Procurement web portal
  • Issue PO requests and Receive goods via the portal
  • Receive Email or SMS notification when suppliers acknowledge
  • Reports (e.g. Supplier Performance, PO approval etc.) to enable informed decision making

Key benefits:

  • Tighter & faster interlock with key suppliers and improve supplier performance
  • Enable easy comparison of price and reliability
  • Reduce paperwork, error, rework and cost
  • Improve productivity through simplified computerized User Interface (UI) and cataloging of pre-approved items
  • Improve control on approval processes and automated workflows
  • Promote better understanding of buyer and supplier requirements

e-Sales Web Portal

An e-Sales platform for suppliers to sell goods to buying company.

The e-Sales Web Portal is a unique electronic B2B platform which allows registered suppliers to sell their goods via the buying company’s web portal:

  • The buying company publishes the goods that it wishes to purchase on its web portal.
  • Registered suppliers are able to view the buyer’s intended purchases from the buyer’s web portal.
  • When a supplier has the goods that the buyer wishes to buy, it will register its ability and intention to supply the goods at the buyer’s web portal (hence, this is an e-Sales Web Portal from the supplier’s perspective), and a PO will automatically be generated.
  • The supplier will deliver the goods.


  • Supplier registration & management
  • Product price and availability checks
  • Integration to backend ERP
  • Reporting of purchase orders, shipment details etc.

Key benefits:

  • Costs reduction, higher profitability
  • Minimise paper and administrative work, and reduce human error
  • Better visibility and insight on all aspects of supplier management
  • Seamless integration with ERP
  • Faster, more effective and productive procurement process

Online Shopping Malls

Online Shopping Mall/Portal – new revenue stream for Mall operator & tenants, and improved experience & stickiness for customers.

As online shopping becomes more popular and pervasive, brick & mortar shopping malls can expand its business and extend its internet reach by having online shopping malls. Thus, online shoppers will now have the alternative option of buying from online shopping malls which are owned by the brick & mortar companies.

Hitachi’s online retail mall portal enables mall tenants to sell their goods online. Shoppers may collect their purchased goods from a centralized collection point at the mall without having to visit various shops, and this shopping experience is highly convenient, saves time and improves customer satisfaction. Shoppers may also elect for the purchased goods to be delivered to their desired addresses.

Features and key benefits:

Mall Owner (Landlord)

  • Improve branding and image of shopping mall
  • Attract more tenants and shoppers
  • Improve customer service and stickiness
  • Increase internet traffic and awareness via online shopping mall
  • Increase revenue stream from online business

Mall Tenants (Shops)

  • Easy and cost-effective to establish and manage online store
  • Increase product variety in online sales portal - not restricted by limited space compared to physical shop.
  • Attract online customers, and increase revenue stream
  • Improve customer service and stickiness
  • Increase efficiency and productivity


  • Extra choice of online shopping for customers
  • More product variety online, and able to buy products from various shops in one online portal
  • Easy to locate products and services offered with search function
  • Greater convenience - save time and avoid crowd
  • Reduce waiting time for delivery by self-collection
  • Better purchase price - can easily browse different websites to find the best price
  • Setup complimentary online shopping account and maintain purchase history
  • Overall, better customer shopping experience