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Hitachi ICT Solutions


Hitachi JP1 Video Introduction

Find out how Hitachi's JP1 solutions enable enterprises to meet the demand of today's IT operations environment with greater operational visibility, enhance productivity, reduce IT operational costs and heighten system security.

Hitachi JP1/AJS3 - Tired of Complex IT Operations?

JP1/Automatic Management System 3 (JP1/AJS3) - a workload automation solution, designed to help enterprise to manage and automate IT system operations, safeguard and ensure stable business operations. It simplifies jobs/tasks to lighten IT operation workloads and complex manual operations efficiently and effectively.

Case Study : Grandluxe Pte Ltd

Find out how a three generation printing, production and distribution business stepped up their game and transformed their paper-based family business in the digital age

Case Study : Hanergy Global Solar PV Application Pte Ltd

When the world's largest producer of thin-film solar technology needed a highly specialised power monitoring and data analytics system, Hitachi leveraged its rich and diverse experience of different industrial sectors to come up with the perfect solution tailored to the customer's needs.