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Enhanced Performance Management


Integrated Systems Management
Job Management Partner 1: Enhanced Performance Management

Monitoring systems for potential problems is very important but can be time consuming and costly. Job Management Partner 1/Performance Management (PFM) and Job Management Partner 1/Performance Analysis Management (PAM) provide the capability to efficiently monitor large numbers of servers and applications. They also provide additional capabilities to predict problems before they happen or deal with them automatically when they occur.

Overview: Enhanced Performance Management


What do you need to create an ideal monitoring system to fight errors and problems?

  1. A coherent monitoring system that is easy to understand and use
  2. A system that can monitor different platforms using a unified single method
  3. An easily expandable monitoring system
  4. A system that can monitor a large number of system aspects
  5. A system that can record, report, and output very detailed system information
  6. A system that can respond automatically to errors even when you are not there
  7. A system that can predict errors to reduce and prevent future errors from occurring


Job Management Partner 1/PFM makes monitoring your system simple and automatic, letting you view your systems condition and status from a single monitor. If your system's resources are reaching a dangerous level, or if it finds serious error, Job Management Partner 1/PFM will notify your administrators. Automatically handle the error and record the event.


Administrators can also use Job Management Partner 1/PFM to view detailed information and grasp about your system status as well as output its information to HTML or spreadsheets.


Expanding your system is also easy as you can monitor new servers simply by adding them to the service to be monitored. A new server can be monitored in the same way as other servers.


Finally, Job Management Partner 1/PAM can enhance your ability to analyze performance data, letting you pinpoint problematic execution times, find correlations between monitored objects, and predict possible future errors.


As a result, the finance company can achieve the following effects. Job Management Partner 1 will notice problems as soon as they occur and respond automatically. There is no longer any need to continually review system statistics. Instead your team can spend that time, improving systems, fixing errors, or doing other more productive projects. When an error or problem occurs, the system will correct, react and also contact you, giving you the optimal response at all times.


Job Management Partner 1/PFM lets you monitor several servers at once easily. Even if you add a few more servers, you do not have to change your system at monitoring. No one nor will you see a drop in monitoring effectiveness. Job Management Partner 1/PFM also let a single administrator monitor a large number of monitors easily, giving each person the power to do more. Job Management Partner 1/PAM was the works with Job Management Partner 1/PFM to analyze your system and productively proactively prevent errors to further promote a problem free system.

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