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Integrated Systems Management
Job Management Partner 1: The Complete Picture

Enterprise Management has many aspects. Integrating the different aspects is critical to its successful implementation. Job Management Partner 1/Integrated Management (IM) can link all the different components of the product together so all aspects of your enterprise management system can be monitored and managed from a single point.

Overview: The Complete Picture


An industrial company that manufactures engines and other mechanical parts and sells them to various companies as well as individuals wants to stream line management in operation to minimize waste and maximize profit. The company wants not only automate job execution, software distribution, inventory management, server monitoring and troubleshooting but also to achieve these effects seamlessly and effectively, using a small number of administrators and machines. Obviously this is a great challenge.


Job Management Partner 1/IM unifies all the aspects at each part of Job Management Partner 1 so that you can manage all parts of your system seamlessly and easily from a high level. Here you can monitor your entire system for events, find errors, and then directly go to where an error is in order to fix it whatever the location. You can also organize your system so that it can be visually monitored by location or class for easy understanding of your organization. And from which you can operate each part of your system.


Job Management Partner 1/IM easily gives you the power to manage all aspects of your system from a single point even though you are managing a large number of functions. This let you achieve optimal performance.


Job Management Partner 1/IM let you see your system from the top level of view. And let you see what part is running in what state. If an error occurs you will be able to identify it quickly and easily, easily and then directly go and fix that problem, all from the same console.


Job Management Partner 1/IM let you monitor all aspects of your system at once, giving you full control saving money by doing more in less time. You can also manage all aspects: software distribution, enterprise management, performance management, and so on from one point. By better organizing all aspects so that your system is truly united, you can achieve faster and more effective management, resulting in lowered it costs.

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