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Automating Backend Processes


Integrated Systems Management
Job Management Partner 1: Automating Backend Processes

What are some of the issues in automating system processes? Job Management Partner 1/AJS3 can provide faster, nonstop operation that is more efficient and less prone to errors.

Overview: Automating Backend Processes


Job Management Partner 1 operates jobs automatically on schedules that you set. Making your system faster and ensuing that they run as you plan.


Job Management Partner 1 can run jobs so that they run in a sequence in coherent flow, letting you automatically run complicated jobs easily and much faster than you can do it manually.


Job Management Partner 1 enables jobs to operate automatically upon on the event. They receive email or error, making your system much faster, and making your system responsive and effective.


With Job Management Partner 1 you can easily monitor your job system by using automatic scheduling records to see what jobs occurred when and if they were successful or not, so that you can find the reasons for errors if they occur, and resulting in accurate records of your operation.


Job Management Partner 1 enables you to easily use the same operation to new services when they were added, giving you the ability to more easily expand when you need to.


Job Management Partner 1 let you operate jobs at different systems. Like Windows, UNIX, SAP R/3, and IBM AS/400 using the same GUI, providing you with the ability to run various systems for the same console as well as link jobs at different systems together.


By automating your system with Job Management Partner 1/AJS2, your operation will not only be faster and more effective. They were also costly much less to execute, letting you lower cost and save money continuously.

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