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Information contained in this news release is current as of the date of the press announcement, but may be subject to change without prior notice.

March 30, 2015

Hitachi Asia Ltd. launches Data Highway for greater IT operational efficiency

New offering brings Enterprises high-speed, large-capacity, and high-quality data transfer, more than 10 times performance enhancement compared to FTP transfer

Singapore, March 30, 2015 - Hitachi Asia Ltd. announced today that it has launched Job Management Partner 1/Data Highway (JP1/DH) to provide high-speed, large-capacity, and high-quality data transfer solution. The solution seeks to help enterprises to reduce IT operations turnaround time and improve work efficiency at a lower cost.

As enterprise grows, IT operations have become increasingly complicated and difficult to manage. Enterprises face challenges such as data cap on file attachments, dealing with existing data transmission links that are too slow, and losing parts of the data during transmission. JP1/DH is designed to help enterprises to mitigate these complications under a simple and easy solution. JP1/DH provides the capability to transfer huge amount of data at a higher speed securely by utilizing the multiplex communication technology and secured HTTPS connection that enable the systems to transfer large amount of data at more than 10 times the performance speed as compare to File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Thus, allowing enterprises to reduce turnaround time and improve work efficiency at a lower cost.

“JP1/DH offers more than just large file transmission capabilities as there are also optimized security measures in place. This includes using secured HTTPS connection during data transfer to prevent network eavesdropping and unauthorized access from unauthorized third party and locations. After all, information protection is paramount. The goal here is to create a data transfer system within an operations management platform that not only improves its reliability and security, but also ramps up the efficiency of daily work processes.” said Mr. Sebastian Sin, Head of Division, System Management Solution of Hitachi Asia Ltd.

The main features of JP1/DH solution aims to ease business workload and optimize data transfer. Enterprises that deploy the solution on their businesses can expect:

  • Perform High-Speed, High-Quality Transfer of Large Capacity Data
    Capability to transfer large amount of data at high speed while maintaining the quality of the data. JP1/DH automatically attempts to resend the packet that has not been transferred instead of resending the whole data again, thus reducing the transfer time and cost. JP1/DH also utilizes the multiplex communication technology to send multiple files simultaneously.
  • Achieve Faster Data Transfer at Lower Cost
    File transfers are performed through existing Internet and web browsers with HTTPS communication. Additional installation of new devices such as hardware, software and dedicated lines is not required, thus reducing operational cost
  • Unauthorized Access Prevention
    JP1/DH uses client certificates and IP addresses for access control to prevent unauthorized access from unintended third party people and locations.
  • Automate Data Transfer
    Used in conjunction with Hitachi JP1/Automatic Job Management System 3 (JP1/AJS3), JP1/DH enables automation of data transfer at scheduled time and link data transfer to enterprises’ business system. This prevents transmission of data from being overlooked and keeps businesses at full operation efficiency.
  • Data Transfer over Secured Channel
    Utilizing the HTTPS channel for transmission, JP1/DH also safeguards transfer of data and helps enterprises to prevent potential data leakage. The solution also keeps log of transmissions, including sender and recipient information.
  • Simultaneous Data Transmission to Multiple Recipients
    JP1/DH allows sending of data to multiple recipients in a batch through the creation of recipient group.

Data Transfer Performance Comparison with FTP
Hitachi JP1/DH has proven to perform more than ten times faster as compared to traditional FTP file transfer that most businesses use. Below shows a test undertaken by Hitachi Ltd. to compare data transfer performance between the JP1/DH and FTP.

Data Transfer Performance Comparison – FTP vs JP1/DH (Between Japan and Other Countries) *

*A default value is used as the server parameter of JP1/Data Highway. For the required transfer hour of each area, the RTT and packet loss ratio for each area are under the similar conditions where the Internet line speed up/down is 100Mbps and transfer data size is 100MB. Based on the assumed data, a pseudo environment that has similar network performance was built, and the file transfer average value after three times measurements of both FTP and JP1/Data Highway was calculated*. The speed-up effect also depends on the Internet line speed or environments.

First launched in Japan in 1994, Hitachi JP1 is the fore-frontier in the field of innovative systems management technology with 20 years of expertise in integrating smart and easy solutions to create seamless and operator-friendly systems management.

Hitachi Job Management Partner 1/Data Highway (JP1/DH) is available from Hitachi Asia Ltd. and authorized resellers from April 2015.

About Hitachi Asia Ltd.

Hitachi Asia Ltd., a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. and established in Singapore in 1989, has offices across seven Asian countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam). Focusing more than ever on the Social Innovation Business, Hitachi Asia’s business includes information systems, power and industrial systems, R&D, digital media systems, international procurement and Centre of Excellence. For more information on Hitachi Asia, please visit the company's website at

About ICT Solutions Business Group

Hitachi Asia's Information Communications Technology (ICT) Solutions Business Group is a leading regional systems integrator since 1995, providing a broad suite of innovative, pragmatic business and ICT solutions to our customers to enhance their businesses. Over the years, by consistently delivering excellent results, we have established an enviable track record with a broad clientele encompassing numerous multi-national, regional and local companies.


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