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Hitachi in Singapore

Result Reduced Overhead in IT with Hitachi JP1/AJS

After evaluating several other alternatives, Mr. Wong and his colleagues found that only the Hitachi Job Management Partner 1/ Automatic Job Management System (Hitachi JP1/AJS) suited their needs and was the best possible solution available in the market.

Picture of Mr. Masanori Ikaga, Department Manager, Information Systems Department, and Mr. Julian Wong, Section Manager, Information Systems Department
(Left to right) Mr. Masanori Ikaga, Department Manager, Information Systems Department and
Mr. Julian Wong, Section Manager, Information Systems Department

"Besides meeting our key criteria, what we found attractive about Hitachi JP1/AJS was it has a very small footprint and thus there was no need to invest in additional hardware. Pre-sale support was also excellent, with the Hitachi Asia team taking the time to understand out IT environment. The team also did a demo using actual Toshiba data to show us that the solution can handle our complicated multiple file transfers", said Mr. Wong.

Future plans to support a regional IT infrastructure with Hitachi

Furthermore, the stellar pre-sale support of Hitachi made a deep impression on the company. All these factors lead the company to put in place two desktop management solutions from the Hitachi JP1 suite.

The company is deliberating on plans to implement other Hitachi solutions that are built to support a larger regional IT structure. This is part of an Asian office integration initiative involving other Toshiba entities that is slated to begin later this year.

Hitachi Asia Ltd (ICT Solutions Business Group)

Hitachi Asia Building

Hitachi Asia's Information Communications Technology (ICT) Solutions Business Group partners with and offers customers innovative consulting, business applications and systems integration solutions to enhance their businesses and reduce their ICT Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Through our unparalleled capability and best-of-breed industry solutions, we endeavor to be your long-term trusted advisor.

Hitachi's extensive suite of ICT solutions also includes Hitachi Job Management Partner 1 (JP1), which is our industry award-winning set of integrated system management solutions that simplifies business processes and enhances operational effectiveness. Even across diverse systems and multiple platforms like Windows, UNIX and AS/400, JP1 solutions can seamlessly integrate processes so that you can manage your business as one synchronized entity. With this comes not only greater visibility, but also increased productivity, reduced TCO and more stringent system security.

For more information on JP1's solutions, please visit Hitachi ICT Solutions Business Group.