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Challenge Difficulties Faced in Using ERP System

Toshiba Singapore employs the Microsoft Dynamics Navision Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system as its core business application system for the company's operations.

As business management software, it connects the many moving parts of the organization by delivering comprehensive business management functionality– from financials to supply chain.

However, one of the shortfalls of the ERP system is its inefficient job scheduler solution.

Absence of event-based job runs and email alerts

The ERP system lacks an alert function to notify IT staff and end-users when jobs that were shifted between other systems failed to execute as planned. This was a major hurdle that could only be overcome by specially assigning an IT staff member to the task of job monitoring. This ensures that Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) jobs do not encounter any problems. However this will mean that any system abnormality cannot be detected when there is no staff monitoring it.

IT overhead for manual monitoring of job runs and man-hours spent on job management

To ensure the smooth running of jobs, the assigned IT staff had to often stay on after regular office hours to monitor and operate the system.

This employee had to endure a heavy workload as sometimes these programs had to be manually written to push out or receive the jobs. Files received must be copied manually and sent to the intended recipients.

Risk of error from manual processes

Errors that slip under the radar can cause widespread damage to a company's financials. An example of a serious error that went unnoticed in Toshiba Singapore:

On one occasion, an invoice file for a very large sum was sent to a corporate client. The file did go across but there was no data in it. The amount billed came out as zero and so the client didn't make any payment. The glitch went unnoticed till two months later when sales and receivables numbers could not be reconciled.

Mr. Julian Wong
Section Manager, Information Systems Department.

Mr. Julian Wong

The Challenge

Problems with the Microsoft Dynamics Navision Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system:

  • Lacks critical features like automatic alerts and event-based job runs
  • Substantial IT overhead incurred from manual monitoring of job runs
  • Unnecessary man-hours spent on job management
  • High error risk-rate due to manual operations