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Hitachi in Singapore

Asia Chief Executive's Message

Mr. Kiyoaki Iigaya

Today, Hitachi stands proud as a leading global company in advanced social infrastructure enhanced by cutting-edge IT technology and systems. With more than 100 years of expertise and group-wide capability, the ongoing focus on our “Social Innovation Business” initiatives has allowed us to promote the development of a sustainable world.

Asia is a very dynamic and diverse region which offers tremendous opportunities for Hitachi. Amidst global trends and challenges, it continues to flourish.

The strategic path we have taken in this region has allowed Hitachi to be more proactive and competitive. As trusted solutions provider, our company is well-equipped not only to meet but to exceed the expectations of the growing list of business partners and customers.

As we transition into a new phase of growth, we will continue to leverage on the strengths of the Hitachi Group of Companies. As “One Hitachi”, we will provide new products, systems and services relevant to Asian requirements.

This strong commitment to all our stakeholders is captured by our new Company Vision --- “Hitachi delivers innovations that answer society’s challenges. With our talented team and proven experience in global markets, we can inspire the world.”

With our talented and dedicated team, innovation experts, original technologies and a solid brand, we are well-positioned to bring social innovation to Asia.

Kiyoaki Iigaya
Chief Executive for Asia, Hitachi, Ltd
& Chairman, Hitachi Asia Ltd.